Our investment style. We are financial market experts by passion and conviction.

© Adobe Stocks
© Adobe Stocks
We love the financial markets, they are our passion and we are convinced that professional management pays off for you.

Your advantages:

  • a better balance between risk and return, so that you get more out of your investment, 
  • time savings, so you have more time for the really important things, 
  • fewer worry lines, because we take care of your head for you. 

How do we invest?

It is important to us that our clients understand the principles by which we invest and what is important to us when investing:  
  • Every investment decision is personal. The starting point of our investment process is therefore to find the right strategic, i.e. long-term, investment orientation for you. An important decision: how high is the appropriate share quota based on your investment profile? 
  • Experience shows: Avoiding investment mistakes is at least as important as seizing the opportunities that present themselves. We therefore make our investment decisions supported by financial mathematical models in order to remove the source of error of human emotion from the equation. 
  • For all the individuality of investments, three universal principles apply to us: Diversification, liquidity and quality.  

What does this mean exactly?

  • Strategy & Tactics: The strategic, long-term portfolio orientation forms the basis of every investment. Depending on the market phase, we make "tactical", i.e. short-term adjustments to improve the return. We increase or decrease the equity quota and we adapt regions and sector weightings. 
  • Risk management: Professional portfolio management not only involves improving performance, but also minimizing risk. Among other things, we manage credit risks through our proprietary system that calculates default probabilities of companies, we manage exchange rate risks by calculating the long-term fair value of global currencies, we manage interest rate risks by optimizing maturities and we manage sustainability risks by including sustainability criteria in our investment process for sustainable investments. 
  • Diversification: even our great-grandparents said: don't put all your eggs in one basket! A global investment universe, which includes all key asset classes, forms the basis for a well-diversified portfolio.  
  • Liquidity: We only invest in liquid investments, which means that the invested capital can be "withdrawn" at any time if necessary.  
  • Quality: Accurate company or country analysis or a comprehensive quality check of the investment products are at the beginning of every investment for us.