Alternative investments

Kathrein & Co. Life Settlement Portfolios

Portfolio of US life insurance policies

In the years 2005 - 2007 issued participatary notes ("Genußscheine"), through which the investor invested in a portfolio of US second-hand life insurance policies.

Kathrein Gold Account

Gold as addition to the portfolio is advisable not only in turbulent times. Gold, as precious metal, now as ever serves, in the form of gold bullions or coins, as international means of payment and offers good sustained value in times of high inflation and a weak US dollar. The Kathrein Gold Account drastically simplifies purchasing of gold, thus avoiding high storage and manipulation expenses and the risk of theft. Gold bullions of 1 kg or a multiple thereof can be ordered in a similar manner as with an order fort he purchase of securities. The gold will be stored at Geldservice Austria (a subsidiary of OENB, the Austrian central bank), upon request it can be delivered physically. The quantity of gold you order is shown on your deposit statement, just like securities, and is reported through Kathrein Reporting at the latest rate of exchange.