Monday Markets Mail #KW 28

on 6th July 2020

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Republic obtains 1.38 billion euros via federal bonds

Vienna (APA) - Next Tuesday the Republic of Austria will raise EUR 1.38 billion in fresh capital by increasing two federal bonds. One 10-year and one 30-year federal bond are to be increased, as the Austrian Financing Agency (OeBFA) announced on its website.
Both government bonds were only issued this year. The 10-year bond was first issued in January and has a coupon of 0.00 percent. The 30-year bond with a coupon of 0.75 percent was issued at the end of March as part of an extraordinary bond issue in the wake of the Corona crisis. At the most recent reopening at the end of June, the 30-year bond had achieved an issue yield of 0.416 percent. The ten-year bond was last increased with a yield of minus 0.143.