Operating costs.

Fund Name operating costs*
Kathrein Corporate Bond 0,95
Kathrein Euro Bond 0,65
Kathrein European Equity 1,82
Kathrein Global Enterprise 1,48
Kathrein Mandatum 1,27
Kathrein Mandatum 15 (USD) 1,20
Kathrein Mandatum 25 1,68
Kathrein Mandatum 50 1,94
Kathrein Mandatum 70 2,14
Kathrein Mandatum 100 2,33
Kathrein Max Return 1,57
Kathrein Sustainable Global Megatrend Fonds 1,62
Kathrein US Dollar Bond 0,67
Kathrein US Equity 2,22
Kathrein Yield+ 0,69
NDR Active Allocation - Kathrein Fund (R) 1,76
* The "ongoing charges" include the management fee and all fees charged in the past year. Third-party transaction costs and performance-related fees are not included in the "ongoing charges". The "ongoing charges" may differ from year to year. Please refer to the "Expenses" sub-item of the current annual fund report for precise details of the cost components included in the "ongoing charges".