Kathrein Sustainable Global Megatrends

Fund report as of 05/19/2022

The Kathrein Sustainable Global Megatrends is an equity fund. Its investment objective is to achieve long-term capital growth while accepting higher risks. It invests on an individual security basis (i.e. without taking into account demand deposits or callable deposits) exclusively in securities whose issuers have been classified as sustainable on the basis of ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance). At least 90% of the fund assets shall be invested in the form of directly acquired individual securities in shares or securities equivalent to shares. In the course of the investment process, attention is paid to the areas of urbanisation, health care, scarcity of resources and technology. More detailed information on the sustainability criteria can be found in the prospectus (available exclusively in German, section II, item 13.1.).

Fund data

R: AT0000A2SWT2
NAV A: 91.33 EUR
R: 91.31 EUR
Capital gains -2.01 EUR
Ordinary income -0.33 EUR
Fund size 13,822,233.84 EUR
Fiscal year
Operating costs** 1,62%

Performance - since inception: -8.67% total (10/01/2021-05/19/2022)

Source: Custodian (Raiffeisen Bank International AG), Cyberfinancials Datenkommunikation GmbH

The performance data is for a period of less than twelve months as the fund's inception date is less than twelve months ago.


Month -6.75%
YTD -13.34%
1 Year nichtrelevant
2 years (p.a.) nichtrelevant
3 years (p.a.) nichtrelevant
5 years (p.a.) nichtrelevant
10 years (p.a.) nichtrelevant
since inception (p.a.) nichtrelevant

Key figures

Sharpe ratio* nichtrelevant
Max. drawdown nichtrelevant
Volatility nichtrelevant

Asset allocation

Source: Custodian (Raiffeisen Bank International AG), Cyberfinancials Datenkommunikation GmbH


97.60 %
AbbVie Inc._Registered Shares DL -,01 0.73 %
AIR LIQUIDE-SA ET.EXPL.P.G.CL._Actions Port. EO 5,50 0.72 %
AIR PRODUCTS & CHEMICALS INC._Registered Shares DL 1 0.70 %
Alstom S.A._Actions Port. EO 7 0.77 %
AMERICAN STATES WATER CO._Registered Shares DL 2,50 0.68 %
American Water Works Co. Inc._Registered Shares DL -,01 0.65 %
AMGEN INC._Registered Shares DL -,0001 0.71 %
AMN HEALTHCARE SERVICES INC._Registered Shares DL -,01 0.63 %
América Móvil S.A.B. de C.V._Registered Shares L o.N. 0.66 %
ANSYS INC._Registered Shares DL -,01 0.73 %
Anthem Inc._Registered Shares DL -,01 0.70 %
argenx SE_Aandelen aan toonder EO -,10 0.82 %
Aurubis AG_Inhaber-Aktien o.N. 0.57 %
AUTODESK INC._Registered Shares o.N. 0.70 %
AUTOLIV INC._Registered Shares DL -,01 0.83 %
AVEVA Group PLC_Registered Shares LS -,03555 0.61 %
Biffa PLC_Registered Shares LS-,01 0.65 %
Biogen Inc._Registered Shares DL-,0005 0.67 %
BIOMARIN PHARMACEUTICAL INC._Registered Shares DL -,001 0.72 %
BlackLine Inc._Registered Shares DL -,01 0.65 %
Others Aktien 83.70 %
Cash 2.40 %
Performance is calculated in accordance with the OeKB method and expressed as a percentage, assuming reinvestment of dividends. Charges such as management fees or other costs charged against the assets of the fund are included, whereas front-end loads (up to 0.00 % of the capital invested) have not been included. This will reduce performance proportionate to the specific amount of capital invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future developments of the fund. Tax treatment depends on the investor’s personal situation and may be subject to future changes. If the local currency of the investor is different from the base currency of the fund, the performance for the individual investor also depends on the development of the relevant exchange rate. *Sharpe ratio: This key figure compares the historical excess return over money market with its historical volatility. It characterizes how well the return of an asset compensates for the risk taken.

Portfolio manager comments as of April 2022

The month of April was marked by the war in Ukraine and its effects. The very united West put its sanctions against Russia into effect but did not yet impose a uniform import freeze on the energy sources gas and oil. This, together with a Corona-related lockdown in Shanghai and resulting supply shortfalls, led to a further rise in inflation expectations worldwide. This put further pressure on the US Fed and the ECB. In the USA, for example, a key interest rate of just under three percent has already been priced in. In the ECB's projections, the assumption is currently an increase of around one and a half percentage points over the next twelve months. In the USA, the S&P 500 was deep in the red in this environment at just under nine percent. The euro proved weak, losing about five cents against the U.S. dollar to around 1.05 USD/euro. Movements were particularly strong on the bond markets, where the rise in yields led to massive price losses. In the USA, ten-year yields rose to just under three percent. Gold and oil prices were volatile but showed little change at the end of the month compared with the beginning of the month.
** 'Current charges' includes the management fee and all fees charged during the previous year. Transaction costs and performance fees are not included in 'current charges'. 'Current charges' can vary from one year to the next. The annual report of the fund includes details about any fees charged (sub-item 'expenses').
This document is for advertising purposes only and does not constitute an offer or recommendation for the purchase or sale of financial instruments. The published prospectus as well as the key investor information document pertaining to this investment fund can be accessed in German at www.rcm.at or requested from Kathrein Privatbank Aktiengesellschaft. Despite thorough research and collection of data, Kathrein Privatbank Aktiengesellschaft does not assume liability for nor does it guarantee the accuracy of the data presented.