Current Measures on Coronavirus

The Corona crisis is affecting us both in our business and private lives. From Kathrein's point of view, it is crucial to deal with this new situation calmly and decisively.

Securing the health of our employees and customers as far as possible, while maintaining business operations at the same time, is a top priority for the Kathrein Private Bank's Management Board. In the last few weeks, we have therefore taken extensive precautions in our company regarding the corona virus.

We would like to confirm that the maintenance of the services transferred to us is guaranteed.

The most important current measures are:
  • Kathrein has activated its crisis management team for the current challenges. This enables it to react quickly and flexibly to changing conditions at any time.
  • From Monday, 16th March, the majority of our employees will be working from home. Key functions for banking operations are performed both in the home office and at the company's location. In this way, we reduce our employees' contact with each other and with other people, e.g. on public transport, while at the same time contributing to the operational security of business operations.
These measures will initially apply until mid-April. We will, of course, continue to keep you informed about how we deal with the current situation internally.

If you have any questions, please contact your private banker in charge, who can be reached at any time.

We wish you all the best - and stay healthy!

Wilhelm Celeda, Chief Executive Officer
Stefan Neubauer, Member of the Executive Board
Harald P. Holzer, Member of the Executive Board