Your partner in all matters regarding foundations.

Kathrein Privatbank is the leading bank for matters concerning foundations and specializes in the investment of foundation assets. In 2006 we established the StiftungsOffice (Foundation Office) to offer founders, families of founders and boards of directors of foundations the necessary support and advice for setting up and managing private foundations.
In addition to close relationships with scientific institutions (universities in Austria and abroad), our office has an extensive track record offering consulting and support services. A vast array of publications, presentations and seminars about foundation-specific topics round out the wide spectrum of service offerings and information.

Extensive support services for all matters related to setting up a foundation.

If setting up a foundation is one of the options considered for passing on one's assets, a number of complex issues come into play. To address those issues, our StiftungsOffice offers the necessary support, has the relevant contacts with leading foundation experts, evaluates the merits of setting up a foundation and demonstrates the benefits of a private foundation for each customized scenario.

Consulting services for existing foundations.

We also offer our expertise for all legal and tax matters regarding existing foundations. We draw upon the experience and know-how of a network of renowned lawyers, civil law notaries or certified public accountants with a long track record specializing in foundation issues, or we can recommend individual professionals if needed.

Customized solutions for you foundation investment.

Kathrein Privatbank develops investment strategies customized for the specific needs of each foundation and implements them in the form of individual investments, managed assets or specialized funds with the consideration of the relevant tax consequences. With our expertise in portfolio management we analyze your investments, evaluate the potential risks of an investment strategy, and develop investment approaches with an optimized risk/return structure within the framework of foundation-specific requirements.