Sustained preservation of estates.

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Timely and careful planning of asset and estate succession substantially contributes to preserving your estate and to providing financial protection for your descendants. Kathrein Privatbank assists you in this sensitive area as an expert advisor with understanding and confidentiality. Kathrein has renowned experts in the fields of estate planning, inheritance and donations.

Asset planning with foresight.

To preserve your estate also for the next generation and keep you out of financial trouble or even litigation, it is necessary to create a clear situation for your estate planning. Kathrein Privatbank supports you in choosing the best suitable way, advises you the right way of placing investments, keeping in mind possible division at a later date, and prepares your optimal investment scheme.

Long time security of family estates where the solution was a foundation.

Foundation legislation offers interesting possibilities to secure preservation of family companies across the generations. Being particularly familiar with the Austrian foundation, we prepare suitable succession schemes for all family constellations. In close cooperation with Austria's top attorneys and tax consultants we ensure that also all legal and tax law factors are taken into account at an optimal level.