Investing with security - the quantitative investment style.

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For investment decisions, Kathrein Privatbank pursues a clearly defined, methodical approach - the quantitative investment style. The objective is to identify opportunities for improving performance and to develop economic criteria for investment decisions, reducing the "casino element" to the greatest extent.

Security through sound analysis.

Systematic analysis of capital market data with statistical methods forms the basis of the quantitative investment style. Company key figures, historic bond and share price patterns and macroeconomic data are analysed in cooperation with international research institutes in order to work out quantitative models. For shares, the analysis comprises price pattern, profit appraisals and quality of earnings. An "overall mark", based on all parameters evaluated, results in a clear signal as to buy, hold or sell a share.

Maximum possible reliability and transparency.

Bringing investment decisions down to a level of objectivity marks the difference between the quantitative investment style and other, often highly intuitive investment methods. As capital markets change at times in very short intervals, the models developed are being monitored and adjusted on a permanent basis. This makes it possible to respond to new market situations in a flexible and timely manner.