High risk-/earning products

Assuming higher risk results in higher earnings

Products suitable for investors intending to fully exploit the capital market earnings potential in exchange for assuming a higher risk. This is however subject to a long term capital commitment. With all diligence and professional procedure of portfolio management, heavy fluctuations cannot be excluded, but we increase the earnings potential by optimal risk diversification.

Kathrein Mandatum 70

Risk driven diversified investment management

65 % of the volume is placed in equity funds, 25% in bond funds and about 10% in alternative investments. The high equity investment share results in possibility to expect higher average annual earnings, with the fluctuation swing of the annual performance increasing as well. Recommended investment commitment: seven years.

Kathrein Mandatum 100

Diversified high capitalization world equity stock

This fund launched in euro currency invests about 90% in international equity shares and 10% in alternative investments. Higher earning potential with correspondingly higher fluctuation swings. Recommended investment commitment: minimum ten years.

Kathrein European Equity

European high capitalization equity stock

Invests exclusively in European equity stock. Objective: long term capital growth by assuming higher (short-term) risk. The investment policy is driven by a broad all-European benchmark (FTSE Europe Index).

Kathrein US Equity

US high capitalization equity stock

Pure equity stock fund, the securities are selected on the basis of the Financial Times US index. Objective: to exceed the performance of the benchmark index through over- or underweighting individual securities.

Kathrein Max Return

Trend follower hedge fund

Trend follower hedge funds identify trends on international capital markets and convert them in earnings. The Kathrein Max Return is an alternate fund with little correlation to equity stock markets. This is to generate higher long term earnings by assuming higher risks. Sophisticated diversification of maturities and currencies provides for best possible risk minimization. Excellent performance when compared with similar products.
Alternative investments award 2010
1st Place in the 3-year Rating
2nd place in the category Financial/Metals Traders Managing Less Than 10$M

Kathrein Global Enterprise

The Kathrein global enterprise is an equity fund and seeks long-term capital growth while accepting higher (short-term) risks. The equity fund invests at least 51 per cent of its assets in equities and equity equivalent securities of companies which have their seat or focus in North America, Europe or other developed countries. Additionally, the fund may invest also in other securities, e.g. governments, supranationals and / or companies issued bonds and money market instruments and in sight and call deposits. The Fund is actively managed and is not constrained by a benchmark. Derivative instruments may not be used.