Risk-/earning driven products

Maximum capital growth with predictable risk

The ideal investment for all those who intend to achieve attractive long term profits without being dependent on reliable earnings on a regular basis. The money will be invested mostly in equity shares. Through Kathrein Privatbank's quantitative investment style and cooperation with experienced international partners we provide for highest possible risk minimization.

Kathrein Mandatum 50

Balanced diversified investment management

45 % of the volume is placed in equity and bond funds and 10% in alternative investments. While not yielding the earnings of a pure equity shares portfolio, this balanced risk profile however is characterized by considerably less fluctuation swings. After five years, the loss risk of this investment drops to a minimum.

Kathrein Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund

The Kathrein Dynamic Asset Allocation fund is a total return fund with the objective of earning a positive return in all market phases. In order to achieve this goal, the asset allocation is completely flexible with the equity, bond, cash, real estate and commodity exposure each varying between 0-100 %. The decision how to weight the individual asset classes is driven by a quantitative model that examines the asset classes by country, sector or topic in accordance to algorithm that should allow the investor to profit from trends. The implementation is via cost efficient exchange traded funds.

NDR Active Allocation - Kathrein Fund

The NDR Active Allocation - Kathrein fund is a dynamically managed balanced fund-of-fund using exchange traded funds (ETFs) for the various asset classes of stocks, bonds, and money markets. The individual asset classes can be over or underweighted based on quantitative models depending on the current market situation independent of the benchmark. The investment decisions may use the research and the capital market forecasts of Ned Davis Research (NDR).