Monday Markets Mail #KW 39

on 21st September 2020

Domestic stock market before comeback?

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© Adobe Stocks
Guest commentary of Raiffeisen Centrobank
The 2020 share year will go down in stock market history. At the end of February, the COVID 19 crisis spread to numerous countries, triggering massive turbulence. The synchronised shutdown, which took place around the globe, caused a historic economic slump and a massive sell-off on the stock markets, the speed of which was rarely seen before.

The leading US indices were able to overcome the crisis at a remarkable speed and even celebrate new all-time highs. On the European stock markets, however, and especially on the domestic ATX® the trend is much more restrained. You can find the reasons for this and possible investment opportunities in Raiffeisen Centrobank's current guest commentary.
You can find the guest commentary in full length in the stock exchange comments section under "#2 Domestic stock market before comeback?".