Kathrein Privatbank - An exclusive private bank in a financially strong banking group.

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As the leading bank for wealth management in Austria, Kathrein Privatbank creates a perfect synergy through flexibility, experience, and the tradition of an exclusive private bank in its embodiment of key values such as transparency, diligence and integrity. As a fully-owned subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG, we are at the same time part of one of the largest European banking groups, thus providing our clients with the best possible level of security.

Asset management based on principles.

Being a private bank, we are committed to integrity, honesty and confidentiality. Therefore, an in-depth analysis of our customers' needs is the initial concern of any business relationship. Only then we will work out your personal investment strategy, resorting to a broad spectrum of our own and outside products - ranging from near money market funds to special funds. It goes without saying that, in doing so, we advise you objectively on opportunities and risks.

Competence for foundations and entrepreneurs.

Kathrein Privatbank specializes in particular on the needs of entrepreneurs, entrepreneur families and private foundations. Our spectrum of performance comprises all services essential for suchs clientele. It includes advice on setting up and managing foundations, for succession decisions, inheritance, donation, as well as acquisition and sale of companies. With its long term experience, Kathrein has come to be the leading bank for foundations in Austria.