The Kathrein Christmas trees

© Kathrein Privatbank AG
© Kathrein Privatbank AG
Since 2011, Kathrein Privatbank has been offering sustainable investment opportunities because we are convinced that responsible actions and business practices contribute to a better quality of life and future for generations to come. In 2020, we would like to go one step further and set a sustainable Christmas sign. As part of the "Yes we plant!" initiative, we are launching the "Kathrein Privatbank Corporate Forest" project in Togo West Africa together with "natureOffice" and planting 1,650 trees for climate protection as this year's Christmas campaign.

The added value of a corporate forest

Planting trees can remove climate-damaging CO2 from the atmosphere and thus make a positive contribution to climate protection for a better future. The native tree species are planted on a fallow area that is not needed for food cultivation. In the process, some of the planted trees also bear fruit, among other things, making an additional contribution to the local food supply. At the same time, the biodiversity of the forests can be strengthened and the land can be protected from drying out. By raising the seedlings and the general care of the Kathrein company forest by local workers, local education is promoted and jobs are created. Thus, the Kathrein company forest in Togo not only actively contributes to climate protection, but also brings added value to the local population.

On average, a tree can bind 10kg of CO2 per year

© Kathrein Privatbank AG
© Kathrein Privatbank AG
In the coming years, the forest will be continuously expanded by Kathrein. In order to be able to monitor our project at regular intervals and enjoy the progress, we follow the planting and development of our forest - in addition to regular updates from our partner organization - via satellite images, which are also regularly published on our website (

Why we have chosen the project "Company forest in Togo

In Austria, forestry is already established and advanced, so we decided to set more than just positive incentives for the climate by promoting international projects. A tree binds CO2 no matter where in the world it is planted and thus contributes to global climate protection. Togo is located between Benin and Ghana. Due to a lack of resources, the local forest is coming under increasing pressure. The forest area is provided by private owners for the exclusive purpose of reforestation for at least 30 years. A private law contract ensures that the national land dedication is secured and thus untouchable for other purposes.

Did you know?

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The 2030 Agenda launched by the UN in 2015 contains 17 Sustainable Development Goals and has since been considered the guiding principle for sustainable projects. With the Kathrein Privatbank Corporate Forest, we contribute to 12 of the 17 goals.

Information about the organization "natureOffice" / Yes we plant

NatureOffice GmbH is a 100% independent, owner-managed climate protection agency based in Germany and is part of the "Alliance for Development and Climate". More information about the organization and the projects at: and