Kathrein Privatbank - Product overview.

© Kathrein Privatbank AG
© Kathrein Privatbank AG
Kathrein Privatbank offers a wide range of various products of its own. To enable you to have a quick overview, we subdivided them into five risk/earning categories.

Safety-driven products

Products in this category combine a largely risk-free money market investment through the use of a multitude of quantitative strategies. Safety-driven products seek steady increase in value with low price movements.

Seek to achieve steady income at low risk

These products are categorized by relatively lower fluctuation and more steady income in the medium and long term. The long term investment horizon and broad diversification reduce risks.

Risk-/earning driven products

The ideal investment for all those who intend to achieve attractive long term profits without being dependent on reliable earnings on a regular basis. The money will be invested mostly in equity shares. Through Kathrein Privatbank's quantitative investment style and cooperation with experienced international partners we provide for highest possible risk minimization.

High risk-/earning products

Products suitable for investors intending to fully exploit the capital market earnings potential in exchange for assuming a higher risk. This is however subject to a long term capital commitment. With all diligence and professional procedure of portfolio management, heavy fluctuations cannot be excluded, but we increase the earnings potential by optimal risk diversification.