Superb performance by one of the leading private banks in Austria.

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Marketing Bulletin
Carefully nurtured relationships with our clients, experienced portfolio managers, and a scientific approach to investment are the successful hallmarks of our business. Various awards and nominations attest to Kathrein's outstanding competency in financial consulting time and again and confirm its position among leading banks in Austria.

Following are some of the international and domestic awards:

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GELD Magazin Dachfonds Awards Austria 2018
Kathrein Mandatum 50
1st place: Mixed fund of funds balanced - conservative, 5 years

NDR Active Allocation - Kathrein Fund
1st place: Mixed fund of funds flexible - balanced, 1 year
1st place: Mixed fund of funds flexible - balanced, 3 years

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GELD Magazin 2017 Dachfonds Awards Austria
Kathrein Mandatum 100
1st place: Equity fund of funds - conservative, 5 years

Kathrein Mandatum 70
1st place: Mixed fund of funds equity-focused - conservative, 5 years
1st place: Mixed fund of funds equity-focused - conservative, 3 years

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FUCHSBRIEFE publishing, in cooperation with IQF | Dr. Jörg Richter, established the Performance Project 5 years ago. In 2016, Kathrein Privatbank was ranked 4th among 72 participants for Performance Project IV "Private Banking Portfolio".
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Lipper Fund Awards Austria 2017
Group Award: Overall - Best Asset Manager, Small Company
Group Award: Mixed Assets - Best Asset Manager, Small Company
Fund Award: Absolute Return EUR Low - Best Fund, KCM Kathrein Pfandbrief+
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2016 Der Börsianer
The magazine "Der Börsianer" 2016 named Kathrein Privatbank the riser of the year among "Best Austrian Banks".
Fuchsbriefe Verlag, TOPs 2016 Asset Management
Kathrein Privatbank was ranked among the TOP 10 in Austria (number 6), and as one of the TOP risers of the year (+15 spot advancement). Furthermore, Kathrein Privatbank was awarded the rating "RECOMMENDED" in a list of 100 other tested wealth managers in the German-speaking region (Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria).
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GELD Magazin 2016 Dachfonds Awards Austria
Kathrein Mandatum 25
Best fund over 1 year
(sector: Mixed Fund of Funds - Bond)
At the 2016 Dachfonds Awards Austria sponsored by GELD Magazin, the Kathrein Mandatum 25 won 1st place in the category "Mixed Fund of Funds, fixed-income, dynamic, 1-year".
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2016 Lipper Fund Awards Austria
Kathrein Euro Bond R A
Best fund over 10 years
(sector: Bond EMU - Government)
The fixed income fund "Kathrein Euro Bond", managed by Harald Besser since 1999 under the direction of Harald P. Holzer, member of the board and CFO, won in the peer group "Best Fund over a 10 Year Period".
Euromoney Logo 2014.jpg
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Best Private Banking Service in Austria 2014
In the 2014 Private Banking Survey conducted by the renowned international business and finance magazine Euromoney (, Kathrein Privatbank was named best private bank in Austria in seven categories (including best private banking services overall, privacy and security, super affluent clients (asset volume between USD 500,000 and USD 1 million), high net-worth clients (asset volume between USD 1 million and USD 10 million), family office services, bespoke wealth planning, inheritance and succession planning).
These important awards of the past several years attest to the established competency and professionalism of Kathrein Privatbank in financial consulting and wealth management. In line with our motto 'growing wealth responsibly', we focus on a holistic approach to advising our clients.
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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance of an investment. Investors whose base currency differs from the fund currency are advised that their returns might increase or decrease due to currency fluctuations. Please bear in mind that investments in funds bring opportunities as well as risks. The value of and the return on an investment can rise or fall. Taxation of capital gains depends on the personal circumstances of the investor and is subject to change.
The latest published prospectus or investor information in accordance with § 21 AIFMG as well as the key investor information documents (KIID) of the funds managed by Kathrein are available in German at Information in accordance with § 25 Mediengesetz (MedienG) can be found in the legal notice section of our website.

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