Tasks and objectives of the Verband Österreichischer Privatstiftungen

The Verband Österreichischer Privatstiftungen (VÖP, Association of Austrian Private Foundations) was founded in 1997 for the purpose of representing the interests of private foundations in the public and primarily before law makers, and to keep its members informed about relevant developments in legal and tax matters.
The Kathrein StiftungsOffice has collaborated with the VÖP for a number of years on a variety of issues and its director, Dr. Weninger, is also a board member of the VÖP.
In recent years, the office organized a number of presentations and published documents addressing foundation-specific developments and topics offering concise summaries of significant issues.
Through active public relation efforts and close contact with decision makers in various governmental departments, other advocacy groups and political parties, the goal is to provide advice in advance of new developments beneficial to the interests of foundations.


Verband Österreichischer Privatstiftungen
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