Lipper Fund Award 2016: Award for Kathrein Privatbank

Kathrein Euro Bond "Best Euro Government Bond Fund over 10 Year Period"

Kathrein Privatbank was an award recipient at this year's Lipper Fund Awards. The fixed income fund Kathrein Euro Bond, which has been managed by Harald Besser - under the direction of Harald P. Holzer, member of the board and CFO, won in the peer group "Best Fund over a 10 Year Period".
"This award is a confirmation for our investment strategy which is based on a scientific quantitative investment approach and has made our fund a stable investment for many years", says a delighted Susanne H?llinger, CEO of Kathrein Privatbank.

Award Recipients

The "Kathrein Euro Bond" has been the recipient of numerous awards over the years. It follows the "quantitative investment approach" for its investments in government bonds and investment grade issuers and successfully utilizes the Kathrein Duration Optimizer for managing the duration. Bond durations are extended or reduced in line with signals versus the benchmark. The Kathrein Euro Bond gained 55.63% over a 10 year period and thus outperformed its peers.

Industry Highlight

The Lipper Fund Awards are one of the highlights of the year for the fund industry. For over 30 years, Lipper has been the global provider of fund analyses and fund ratings and has offices in major financial centers such as New York, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The Lipper Awards and Ratings are conferred in 23 countries and are recognized as the global benchmark for fund performance ratings. They help institutional and retail investors as well as financial advisors to select funds and investment companies which consistently outperform.
Lipper not merely rates the performance of a fund, which usually leads to high error rates in the assessment of future earnings potential, it also follows a proprietary rating system with four rating categories: Lipper assesses absolute return, consistent return, preservation of capital, and expenses. The combination of those parameters gives the customers the right tools to weigh those individual characteristics before making their selections.

Leading private bank

Kathrein Privatbank is one of the leading private banks in Austria. Its core competency is the management of assets primarily of high-net-worth private customers, enterprises, their families and foundations. In addition to asset allocation and management based on a quantitative investment style, Kathrein Privatbank has established itself as a specialist in the field of private foundations in Austria.

For inquiries please contact:

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Phone: 01/534 51/269