,,Kathrein Privatbank" - Top-Ranking in FUCHSBRIEFE 2015

Fuchsbriefe 2015: Asset Management Test

Once again, Kathrein Privatbank was part of a mystery shopping test focused on private banking and asset management. This year's theme was "Transferring Wealth - Protecting Wealth".

Scope of Task - Fuchsbriefe 2015

This year's task focused on wealth succession planning. One million euros needed to be passed on during the testator's lifetime, and not in the form of an inheritance but as a gift: Once to the son to fund setting up his medical practice, once to the daughter of the testator's domestic partner to finance her studies abroad. The initial investment amounted to EUR 500,000.00, the remainder was to be achieved through additional contributions and returns over the following eight years.

Kathrein Privatbank as one of the TOP risers of the year

Kathrein Privatbank was ranked among the TOP 10 in Austria (number 6) and as one of the TOP risers of the year (+15 spot advancement). Furthermore, Kathrein Privatbank was awarded the rating "RECOMMENDED" in a list of 100 other tested wealth managers in the German-speaking region (Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria).

Kathrein Privatbank received particularly high scores in the categories "consultation" (31.4 out of 40 points) and "portfolio quality" (11.9 out of 13 points).

Quote from "Fuchsbriefe": With a 38% stock allocation and contributions of EUR 355,000 as well as asset management fees of about one percent, Kathrein Privatbank crosses the finish line in UNWAVERING and EXEMPLARY fashion.

"These awards confirm the high level of competency and professionalism of Kathrein Privatbank in all aspects of investment consulting and asset management. In line with our motto 'growing wealth responsibly', we focus on a holistic approach to advising our clients. Trust is an essential ingredient of this process, and we do not offer our clients a one-fits-all solution, but rather learn about their specific wishes and needs in personal consultations," says Mag. Susanne Hollinger, CEO of Kathrein Privatbank.

Information for clients

Since 2003, the Private Banking Prufinstanz - Verlag FUCHSBRIEFE and Institut Dr. Richter | IQF - have been examining the quality of service of asset managers. The four assessment categories are client consultation, investment strategy, portfolio quality and transparency.

Leading private bank

Kathrein Privatbank is one of the leading private banks in Austria. Its core competency is the management of assets, primarily of high-net-worth private customers, enterprises, their families and foundations. In addition to asset allocation and management based on a quantitative investment style, Kathrein Privatbank has established itself as a specialist in the field of private foundations in Austria.

For inquiries, please contact:

Mrs. Anita Ilic
Kathrein Privatbank Aktiengesellschaft
Wipplingerstrasse 25, 1010 Wien
Phone: 01/534 51/269
Mail: anita.ilic@kathrein.at