Fuchsbriefe: Kathrein Privatbank among the TOP 3 private banks in Austria and top marks in the categories consulting and transparency.

Kathrein Privatbank also scored well in the area of sustainability.

Vienna/December. After recently receiving an award at the Dachfonds Awards Austria, Kathrein Privatbank also withstands the critical assessment of the renowned Fuchs | Richter auditing body and secures a place in the exclusive circle of the top 3 private banks in Austria.

A total of 75 banks and asset managers in the test!

The Fuchs | Richter Prüfinstanz helps to make the quality of advice in asset matters and the quality in portfolio management measurable and transparent for private clients, entrepreneurs, foundations and other institutions. For the 18th time in a row, Fuchs| Richter Prüfinstanz scrutinized a total of 75 banks and asset managers from German-speaking countries and assessed them according to the quality of the categories advisory discussion, investment proposal, transparency and investment competence. Kathrein Privatbank particularly excelled in the categories "Advice" and "Transparency".

Kathrein can be sustainable!

The topic of this year's mystery shopping at private banks by the Fuchsbriefe testers: Sustainable investments in accordance with the guidelines of the Austrian Bishops' Conference (FinAnKo guidelines). Kathrein Privatbank is convinced that responsible business contributes to a better quality of life for future generations and therefore started with the first sustainable investments already in 2011. Today, about half of the assets under management are already managed sustainably and a broad sustainable product range is offered. "With this long-standing expertise, we were once again able to score points with the Fuchs | Richter auditing body, something we are very proud of," says Wilhelm Celeda, CEO of Kathrein Privatbank.

Sustainable investing: a fixed star in Kathrein's sustainable fund sky.

Since August 2020, a new star has been shining in the sustainable fund sky of Kathrein Privatbank: the Kathrein Sustainable EM Local Currency Bond. The fund's concept is to invest in local currencies via bonds issued by multinational development banks.The bonds in emerging market currencies such as the Brazilian real or the Indian rupee are used to finance local development projects. Investors benefit from higher local currency yields with lower issuer default risk due to sovereign guarantees. Through active allocation - i.e. the distribution of investment capital across 171 currency pairs - an attempt is made to achieve an attractive return. The fund has already been certified with the Austrian Ecolabel for sustainable financial products and also complies with the strict requirements of the FNG seal and the FinAnKo guideline. 


Die Kathrein Privatbank AG mit Sitz in Wien wurde 1924 von Carl Kathrein gegründet und zählt zu den führenden Privatbanken im deutschsprachigen Raum. Unsere Kernkompetenz liegt in der Verwaltung von privatem, unternehmerischem und institutionellem Vermögen sowie dem Vermögen von Privatstiftungen. Als Tochter der Raiffeisen Bank International AG bietet die Privatbank die Vorteile eines flexiblen, eigen-ständigen sowie serviceorientierten Instituts und die Sicherheit einer stabilen, internationalen Banken-gruppe.

Inquiries and contact:

Mag. Judith Galter BSc., CIIA
Head of Sales & Marketing

Kathrein Privatbank Aktiengesellschaft
Wipplingerstraße 25, 1010 Wien
Mobile: +43 676 83191 365
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