FUCHSBRIEFE: Kathrein Privatbank rises in the ranks to become a TOP 5 private bank in Central Europe

Best-in-class for advisory services, and first place for portfolio quality

“Man vs. machine – Who adds more value”, this was the theme of the current Fuchsbriefe tests. The tests examined the asset management function of a number of banks in the German-speaking markets. Kathrein garnered a top spot in the international ranking.

Robot vs. Human

What was once a new phenomenon in the banking sector is now becoming increasingly important in private banking. We are talking about robo-advisors, meaning advisory tools which provide investment advice online with minimal human intervention. Robo-advisors are usually easy to use, mobile and cost efficient. The FUCHS | RICHTER Prüfinstanz (auditing body) reviewed which banks outperform those tools and published its findings in the Fuchsbriefe.

Kathrein rises to the top

After the recent recognitions at the Dachfonds Awards, Austria, Kathrein also received an excellent mark by the Fuchs | Richter Prüfinstanz. The private bank was able to shine especially bright in the category “portfolio quality”, where it ranks first. In the overall ranking of the best private banks in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, Kathrein Privatbank takes 5th place.

The portfolio presented to the test client was very diversified and took sustainability needs into account. “It selects the best possible sustainability filter the EFT industry currently has to offer. In addition, the equity ratio and risk structure are exactly matched to the client,” to quote the Fuchsbriefe.

“To achieve a top ranking in the renowned Fuchsbriefe, not only makes me proud of our team but also confirms that our bank’s strategy works. I am particularly pleased that our portfolio quality is ranked at the very top of German-speaking markets. The awards we received at the recent Dachfonds Awards and now at the Fuchsbriefe are a great way to close out the year,” says Wilhelm Celeda, CEO of Kathrein Privatbank.

Fuchsbriefe – centralized rating for private banks

Select banks in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein with a focus on asset management are tested for the quality of their personalized investment advice services by FUCHS | RICHTER PRÜFINSTANZ. First, an initial consultation measures how well advisors address their clients' requests and needs. The tester simulates a situation, and the bank is unaware of the test beforehand. The criteria for evaluation are weighted differently and encompass consultation, wealth strategy, transparency and portfolio quality.

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