3,5 % Kathrein Bonus Certificate

Inflation and the ongoing low interest rates in the bond universe pose significant challenges for investors. As a result of this devaluation, investors suffered losses to the tune of about 40 billion euros in Germany alone.

The search for profitable investment options has become rather complex. While investments in stocks make for a good alternative, many investors remain skeptical of this type of investment due to its higher level of market risk.

For this reason, Raiffeisen Centrobank (RCB) has created a sophisticated investment product for Kathrein which combines a higher degree of security with attractive potential for return. In combination with the existing selection of Kathrein funds, it offers another option for portfolio diversification.

Since this investment vehicle might also be of interest to you, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce it to you:

3,5 % Kathrein Bonus Certificate

What is a certificate?
Investment certificates are debt obligations securitizing the price movement of the underlying instruments (such as stocks, indices or commodities) without directly investing in those instruments. Those products are not riskier than a direct investment into those underlying instruments.

What are the underlying instruments?
The 3.5% Kathrein Bonus Certificate tracks two renowned European stock indices, the European stock benchmark EURO STOXX 50® and the Austrian key index ATX®.

What about duration, return and protection?
The certificate has a 5 -year duration and combines an annual fixed interest rate of 3.5% p.a. with an initial 45% safety threshold without capital guarantee.

What are the benefits of a Kathrein Bonus Certificate?
Bonus certificates show their strength in flat markets. With the safety threshold, investors have the opportunity to earn attractive returns even when prices decline. Only when the 45% safety threshold is breached are investors exposed to market risk.

Who is this product suitable for?
Investors anticipating a stable economic performance in Europa and Austria over the next 5 years and seeing price declines of 45% as an unlikely scenario can use those certificates to invest in line with their view of the market.

Where can I get additional information?
The enclosed product folder contains the product terms including without limitation the terms of repayment and the application of the above-mentioned safety threshold. Your personal private banker will be happy to give you more detailed information upon request.
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